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Common Core

Better Lesson - 130 Master teachers were selected to develop common core lessons in Math and ELA.  Waitsfield teacher Thomas Young is one of the Master Teachers selected.  This is a free site and materials may be downloaded for classroom use.

EngageNY- - This site has wealth of information in including units, professional learning modules, parent materials, and videos.  Some information is specific to NY, but most is not.

EduCore:  Tools for Teaching Common Core- - this free site contains tools and professional development resources to help implement the common core.  There are resoucrces available for download and classroom use.

Smarter-Balanced Digital Library - - This library of both classroom and professional learning resources is being developed by teachers throughout the United States.  More information on when Vermont Teachers can access this library as part of the State's committment to supporting teachers implementing the Common Core is coming shortly.

SBAC Content Specifications for Mathematics 3-8 - This is the July 2015 version.  This is a useful tool when identifying majort topics for each grade.  Beginning on page 69 is a very clear chart for grades 3-8.  The chart identifies the major topics (Hi) and the additional/supporting standards (Lo).  When planning for the year, teachers will want to make sure that enough time is given to the major topics so students will have ample opportunity to construct deep understanding of the content.

SBAC Content Specifications for H.S. Mathematics - Refer to page 6 of this document to see the major and additional/supporting standards.

SBAC- Content Specifications for ELA and Literacy in History/SS, Science and Technical Subjects: This is the July 2015 Content Specifications for the SBAC.  It is a good resource for use in planning classrooom activities and performance assessments.

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