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COVID-19 Update - 4/16/2020

The Vermont Agency of Education is aware of the issues related to relicensure for those educators who have licenses that expire 6/30/2020.  They appreciate all of our patience as they figure out the logistics.  All licenses have now been extended for 90 days from when the governor CANCELS the State of Emergency.  No exact date is provided, but if the state of emergency was canceled on August 1st, licenses would expire November 1st.  However, they encourage educators to continue to uploard professional learning as if there is no extension.  They are aware of all the things that cannot be done at this point (PRAXIS exams, Fingerprinting, etc.).  Read the latest update from the AOE here. 

If you had Professional Learning canceled, consider a micro-credential (15 hrs. per micro-credential completed).  A list of micro-credentials that do not require student work or videos are found here.  Please contact Juliette Longchamp at [email protected] with any questions related to licensing or micro-credential. Learn more about micro-credentials here. 




Vermont has several levels of teaching licenses.  For most educators, careers start with an Initial License (Level I), and after three years, move to a Professional License (Level II).  However, the State will grant Emergency and Provisional Licenses for those that have special circumstances.   The superintendent in a district may ask for these licenses.  Vermont does offer an alternative route to licensing called the Peer Review Program.  All this information can be found on the state licensing website here.


Vermont License Renewal - Online Only

The requirements for renewal: 

  • Verification of credits/hours or professional learning. Since your license was a 7-year license, you will need to show evidence of 9 credit hours/135 hours or professional learning. At least 3 credits (45 hours) need to be in your certification field (math, science, etc.), while the remaining can be in other educational areas. If you hold multiple endorsements, you will need to have 3 credits/45 hours in those fields as well. Documentation needs to be uploaded into ALiS, the online licensing system, and you have to click the core teaching standards the workshop/class addresses.  If you have not registered, you can do so here.  All educators are encouraged to do this, since you can upload verification anytime.

  • Self-Assessment on the InTASC Progressions is no longer required for License Renewal

  • National Board Certified Teachers - The NBCT Network is currently working with the Vermont Standards Board for Professional Teaching Standards to recognize current NBCT Status as evidence of continued professional growth.  Our hope is that in the near future, if you hold a current NBCT Certificate, that you will no longer have to upload PD Hours and instead will upload a copy of your NBCT Certificate and pay the required fees.  We will update this page as this unfolds.

New licenses are good for five years.  The requirements to renew this license will include documenting 6 credits/90 hours of professional learning. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact  Juliette Longchamp ([email protected]).  We hope this streamlined process will be less stressful and more meaningful to Vermont Educators.


Local Standards Boards

Each Vermont School is part of a Local Standards Board.  These boards verify the requirements for renewal for teachers in their districts.  Teachers should contact their Local Standards Board Representative (LSBs).  LSBs have received training on the new renewal process and will have the most up-to-date information.


Register for ALis (Vermont Online Licensing System) - Internet Explorer is recommended

Educators may register for aLis here.  When you register, make sure you first fill in your employment details so your information will be linked to your LSB and school district.  If you register, it is important to make sure the information the agency has under your name is accurate.  If it is not, contact the licensing office at the Agency.

The Agency Website has all the specific details regarding licensing.  One word of caution.....the Agency is a very busy place and one should plan  several months in advance to add endorsements and have  transcripts reviewed.  Questions can always be directed to the State Licensing Office, or one can contact Juliette Longchamp at Vermont-NEA at [email protected].


Already licensed in another state?

Effective September 1, 2015, teachers who hold a current professional license from outside of Vermont will be given a Level I (3 year) license in the endorsement area delineated on their out-of-state license or a comparable VT endorsement.  The process can be found here.  See the states that have reciprocity here.


Are you considering Peer Review Alternative Route to Certification?  If so, Vermont-NEA is facilitating a course to help you!

Reflective Practice and the Peer Review Portfolio 

Are you currently pursuing initial licensure or adding and endorsement through the Peer Review Alternative Certification Route?  This course supports and guides teachers pursuing initial licensure or adding endorsements to their Vermont teaching license. Participants need to be in a school setting, for student teaching will not be arranged through this course.  As part of this course, participants examine the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards (Vermont Core Teaching Standards) and content endorsement standards and develop an electronic portfolio demonstrating their competency on each standard through the collection of artifacts and a written commentary that describes, analyzes and reflects on the evidence.  Vermont-NEA members taking this course will qualify for Vermont-NEA Scholarships to pay for the Peer Review Fee.   Vermont-NEA will offer a Fall 2019 Course and perhaps a summer workshop.  This will be advertised in the @vtnea newsletter, which is sent out each Wednesday during the school year.  You can sign up at the bottom right side of this website.  Also, feel free to email Juliette Longchamp with questions at [email protected].


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