Vermont-NEA is more than just the state’s largest union, it is you. Together, you and your 12,000 fellow members work every day to ensure that Vermont’s public schools remain among the nation’s best. We’ve assembled a host of resources for you to know more about your union, from the nitty-gritty (forms, dues, etc.) to the empowering. Thank you for everything you do to make our local public schools Vermont’s most important resource.

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BREAKING: Vermont-NEA Task Force Issues Requirements for Safely Reopening Schools

Educators Issue Requirements for Safely Reopening Schools Vermont-NEA Task Force Outlines Comprehensive Steps for Safety, Health, and Learning MONTPELIER – A group of 25 educators from across the state issued a comprehensive list of requirements...

BREAKING: Educator, Parent Voices Essential to School Reopening

School Reopening Must Be Guided by Health and Safety Educator, Parent Voices Essential to Any Resumption of In-Person Instruction MONTPELIER – In the wake of the governor’s announcement that schools will reopen in the fall, educators and parents...

BREAKING: President Tinney on Closure of Schools for Academic Year

Dear fellow members, A short while ago, Gov. Phil Scott ordered the closure of Vermont schools for the remainder of the school year. While we are disappointed and saddened, we understand the fierce urgency of maintaining the health and safety of ...

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